So, it all gets down to our willingness to elect a course of action and to own our decision.


Stop trying to convince yourself and others that you are a victim of poor time-management - You control the clock!


We trudge through our days, transfixed in the monotony of repetition


However we choose to label our beliefs, they are just different fingers upon the same hand

Sacred Walking

If Universal Consciousness... God... Allah stepped right in front of you at this very moment, would S/He smile with affection; or grimace with annoyance?


How many of us ever wonder... consider... contemplate the idea of our having roots?


It is not uncommon for any of us to get "caught-up" in the minutiae of our days

Do What?

Counseling, coaching, mentorship, spiritual and/or religious renewal - All providing just the impetus; not the solution.


Conceptually, time is a demarcation; an indicator of that which was, is and shall/may be
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