How many of us start out of the gate with all of the best intentions, only to piddle out shortly thereafter? Then, in self-debasing reflection, we beat ourselves up for not following through..... What if that was the intention - To reinforce an already existing self-script that debases self? Why would we do such a thing, you might ask? Simply because it allows us to feel victimized, and in so doing, it not only absolves us of any personal responsibility; but more importantly, it maintains the status quo. When we break it all down, we either see ourselves as victims or volunteers...… What if in some alternate experience you actually chose to be you and to be in your present circumstance? What might have motivated such a choice? What might the goal of you and your experience be? Did you choose it as a means of overcoming something? What about learning something? What about changing something? Your choice, by definition, had to be based upon an intention..... So again, are you committed to your journey, or just a hapless victim?

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Clouded Glasses

As difficult as one may try, it is nearly impossible to erase any/ all bias from one's view


Our responsibility is to become aware of our own energy


Whether it be politics, religion or simply our everyday relations, our choice of words matter


Experience. Time. People, places and things..... These are the many colors of my easel.


Is there a difference between holding something and embracing it?


Did you know that an airplane is Off-course 90% of the time?






Just what is hope and in what way is it manifested?


With the hurried-mind running the show, the relaxed mind cannot be found.


It is impossible to accomplish anything without a plan..... And the plan needs to be firm.
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