What does it actually take to be called a "craftsman?" One may say that it takes possessing a skill; more than that, a skill so refined that one has become an artisan. S/he who artistically brings to life that which inspires awe..... A sense of connection made possible through the medium of s/he who created that which is experienced. So, when I look upon my life.... That which has occurred, that which has transpired..... In what ways am I using those teachings, what I have learned into that which is experienced by others who witness my unfolding? Experience. Time. People, places and things..... These are the many colors of my easel. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes.... These are the tools from which I create that which I present to the world around me. To have presence; an experienced knowing that all is just as it should be at this very moment, allows me to create the strokes upon my canvas in such a way that my soul is exposed in all of its wonderment.... All of its scars, healed and interwoven in such a way as to so beautifully unveil the tapestry of grace. Then, naked, yet cloaked in the blanket of loving-kindness, I am seen for the first time, and accepted as the reflection of you.

Peace Out-


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