Is there a difference between holding something and embracing it? Think about that...…. Just what does it mean to hold onto something? To grasp... To keep.... To detain something. When I contemplate those descriptions I cannot but reason that they each imply a sense of ownership.... Possessiveness…. A "this is mine!" To embrace something, on the other hand suggests an act of support... affection. An affirmation of someone else's worth.... It's the opposite of possession. If I go through my day holding onto this and that, regardless if its a inanimate object, a thought, feeling and/or attitude, my hands are filled with that with which I am holding; and in so doing, am in no position to embrace the life that surrounds me. Growing up, maturing... development... They are all about learning to let go.

Peace Out-



Clouded Glasses

As difficult as one may try, it is nearly impossible to erase any/ all bias from one's view


Our responsibility is to become aware of our own energy


Whether it be politics, religion or simply our everyday relations, our choice of words matter


Experience. Time. People, places and things..... These are the many colors of my easel.


Did you know that an airplane is Off-course 90% of the time?






Just what is hope and in what way is it manifested?


With the hurried-mind running the show, the relaxed mind cannot be found.


It is impossible to accomplish anything without a plan..... And the plan needs to be firm.
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