I was watching a news segment yesterday that suggested that the average adult person in the United States spends approximately 2 1/2 hours per day affixed to some sort of screen-time. What's more, was there approximation that our children and young adults are spending sometimes in excess of 7-hours per day. That is nearly half of their waking hours! Sure, it is true that with modern technology the world is changing, but I cannot help but to wonder in what ways are we either modeling this behavior, or at minimum, reinforcing it. Kids rarely, if at all, play outside anymore. We have begum national campaigns hoping to inspire them to be active for at least 60-minutes a day. They no longer are responsible for household lawn maintenance, chores; or for that matter; cleaning up their rooms. Sure, they are busy, but doing what? We hurriedly whisk them off to this item on the itinerary, and then to the next, feeding them fast food enroute. Dinner at the house, as a family sitting around a common table seems archaic, and if it does happen, it's amassed with continued annoyed glances upward from mobile devises. Parents rarely spend actual time with their children anymore, unless it is part of the transportation process. While all of this is occurring, we, the adults, go to their games, school events... All the while preoccupied with either being somewhere else, or wanting to be where we have already been. We are not there! In such an atmosphere, our children wish to participate, so they engage in a virtual world. Many of complain in hours of therapy how our parents failed to participate in our childhoods; whether due to work, or whatever, they didn't show up. And just because we may physically be at our kids events in no way suggests that we are either.

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Clouded Glasses

As difficult as one may try, it is nearly impossible to erase any/ all bias from one's view


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