Somewhere is one of the "sacred scriptures" it tells us that "God is love." Additionally, we are instructed that sin is "missing the mark," or "separation from God." As such, one would think that anything that separates us from "love," by definition, separates us from "God." So, then, we choose either separation (or sin) or inclusion (God/Love). I mention all of this with respect to our current-day geo-socio-political environment. Is it at all possible to profess "God and/or Love consciousness" while at the same time advocating separation and/or exclusion? Was not the whole point of the new testament the reality that none of us, not a one, could live up to the law of the old testament? Do we all not fall short of the glory of God? Judge not; lest ye be judged..... You know? All of those tenets we profess to believe, yet more often than not, fail to uphold in our daily walk? So, the challenge is in what ways can I actually display my belief in "God/Love" be advocating inclusion...… " Be not a stumbling-block on another's path..."

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