So, quantum physics states that all things ( physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ) can be broken down into vibrational forces. Sound.... light.... touch... thought. Energy resonating with like energy, or energy resisting opposing energy, Regardless of theological or philosophical persuasion; all energy seeks to expand. How does it do this? Through resonance and calibration. We either emit vibrational-energy at a high frequency, or a lower ones; but all the same, we emit them. The old adage that "opposites attract" does not hold up to scientific scrutiny..... More appropriate is the adage that "water seeks its own level..." Considering such, we need to attune ourselves continuously to those energies/vibrations that call on us to expand, not contract...…. Did you know that an airplane is Off-course 90% of the time? It requires the conscious effort of the flight crew to continuously readjust, recalibrate, so as to get back on course...… The point: navigate your energies/vibrations wisely.

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Clouded Glasses

As difficult as one may try, it is nearly impossible to erase any/ all bias from one's view


Our responsibility is to become aware of our own energy


Whether it be politics, religion or simply our everyday relations, our choice of words matter


Experience. Time. People, places and things..... These are the many colors of my easel.


Is there a difference between holding something and embracing it?






Just what is hope and in what way is it manifested?


With the hurried-mind running the show, the relaxed mind cannot be found.


It is impossible to accomplish anything without a plan..... And the plan needs to be firm.
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