Personalized Holistic Health Services Right in Downtown Royal Oak

Personalized Health Services in Royal Oak, MI | Transcending Horizons - talkingWe bridge the gap between western medicine and all the other alternatives.

Transcending Horizons offers clients scientifically-designed programs that are not only cost effective, but more importantly, combine the skill sets of a mental health professional, certified personal trainer, hypnotherapist, and nutritional and weight loss advisor – all into a single service.

Elsewhere, you would have to schedule appointments with multiple different professionals at multiple locations at multiple different times; all of which are both cost and time management prohibitive.

At Transcending Horizons, our clients are afforded a holistic wellness experience where all of these services are provided simultaneously, and at one location – making both time management and cost within the reach of anyone who is motivated towards holistic personal health growth.

Let us help you reach your full potential. Contact us today to schedule an assessment!