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We’ll Work with Any Small Business in the Detroit Metro Area to Create the Ultimate Health & Wellness Program

Corporate Consulting Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - corporateCreate the health and happiness in the workplace you've always wanted with our corporate consulting capabilities.

In an attempt to control high health care costs, improve productivity, and overall morale, companies today understand the benefits of corporate wellness programs and what it can do to their bottom line. At Transcending Horizons, we can help you create a culture of health and happiness for your workforce with customized corporate nutrition consulting for any small-medium sized business.

Corporate nutrition programs are customized to meet each individuals needs by incorporating services such as:

  • Consultation on company-provided food and meals
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Lunch & learn workshops
  • Various health-related services to encourage employee participation in their health

Increase engagement and reduce health risk with customized corporate wellness consulting. 

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Let’s make your workplace a healthier place!

We’ll target specific health issues and provide motivation to your employees to help them reach their health goals through various sessions and seminars with Dr. Harshman. Give the perk of health to your team members that will not only benefit their health, but also your bottom line!

We provide:

  • Staff training
  • Performance-outcome analysis
  • Utilization review
  • Quality management
  • Grant writing
  • Annual audit preparation 
Happy, healthy employees = more productive companies!
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The ultimate, customized corporate wellness solution

We don't hand your staff a list of foods to avoid or exercises to perform and leave them in the dust. They’ll be educated, inspired, and working together to stay motivated and integrate healthy habits.

This results in an increased accountability for your employee’s own wellness, which is ultimately more efficient than your company paying for their medical and prescription drug benefits to “manage” their health.

Discover a new and efficient way of doing things. We offer different levels of corporate consulting services based on your criteria – the best part of it all, you’ll be alongside Dr. Harshman, a certified personal trainer, health and wellness instructor, lifestyle coach, sports and fitness nutritional and weight loss advisor who’ll be helping motivate your team every step of the way. Contact us today to get started!