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Private & Ongoing Personal Training Sessions in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan

Personal Training Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - Personal_TrainingMixing the best in sports science, nutrition, and cognitive science, we’ll teach you how to move, be fit, make those habits stick, and balance your mind!

At Transcending Horizons, our goal isn’t to just train you - it’s to educate you and make you passionate about your own fitness and take all uncertainty out of being healthy. To say you’ll be fit and strong wouldn’t be the full picture of what to expect. We do more than that.

Whether you’re looking for…

  • personal and nutritional training
  • self-defense training
  • martial arts training
  • group training

We're here to help you get and stay fit!

Dr. Harshman has dedicated his life to health and wellness by working for over 30 years as a personal trainer, self-defense instructor, sports and fitness nutritional advisor, clinical weight loss  practitioner and hynotherapist to transform individuals' minds, bodies, and souls. You’ll be able to tap into any aspect of health and fitness and will receive a fresh perspective on all of your health and fitness challenges!

Personal Training Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - PTWe’ll help filter out all that extra noise and achieve your health and lifestyle goals

We groom people to make better choices – but you are the x-factor. We’ll never tell you what to do, we’ll only make the best suggestions based on the expectations you hold for yourself. Once you set those expectations, we’ll help you stick to them in a variety of different ways with:

Personal Training Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - lifecoaching-and-personal-training

Ongoing, 1-1 personal training sessions up to 3x a week: we’ll identify your goals, objectives and realistic expectations of where you want to be. The first session will start off with an initial assessment to allow a benchmark and additional insight on what fitness program is best suited for you. Once we identify your health and wellness goals, this assessment and on-going sessions will be routinely measured by certified exercise coach and personal trainer, Dr. Harshman.

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Improve your flexibility, strength, and health as soon as today.

With our holistic personal training approach, you can expect to discover a new and efficient way of doing things. We offer different levels of fitness and exercise programs based on your criteria – the best part of it all, you’ll be alongside Dr. Harshman, a certified personal trainer, health and wellness instructor, and lifestyle coach who’ll be helping motivate you every step of the way.

Dr. Harshman has over 30 years of experience transforming bodies!

Our personal training programs take an integrated, holistic approach. Dr. Harshman will help you discover the keys to your future health success and learn about the mind, body and soul as it ties in to everyday health and fitness.

Feel good about your body. Contact Dr. Harshman today for the best, professional, and integrated personal training sessions in Royal Oak, Michigan.