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We're your life coach, your personal trainer, your nutritional and clinical weight loss advisor, your supporter, your motivator. Our goal is to help you achieve a better you - from every aspect of your life.

Our proven scientific methods cover every aspect of your health through comprehensive and ongoing assessments that will show gradual and measurable improvement. We provide life coaching, personal training, nutritional coaching, recovery coaching and corporate consulting services for anyone in the Royal Oak, MI area.

If you've tried to solve your life and health issues with traditional methods but failed, let's talk.

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We're the safe haven for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Located in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, Transcending Horizons bridges the gap between western medicine and all the "alternatives" - providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere. We provide numerous programs that are custom tailored to your needs and are designed to keep you on track for any of your life coaching, personal training, nutritional coaching, hypnotherapy, recovery coaching and corporate consulting needs.

Your first visit:

What to Expect: we'll discuss your expectations, your issues, and concerns. Together, we'll identify what motivates you, what fulfills you, what limits you, and identify the steps needed to lead you on the path to creating a life that feels good to you.
Confidential, One-On-One Hour Session: you'll come in to our office, kick back, relax, and talk about where you want to be from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual standpoint.
Define A Plan of Action: through your initial comprehensive assessment, we'll identify your needs and provide you with a tailored program where you'll measure your improvement through regular one-on-one sessions.

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Joining Transcending Horizons Means Investing in a Better You

Become centered. Find peace. Love yourself.

With over 30 years of experience in holistic health, Dr. Harshman is a mindfulness board-certified lifestyle coach, personal trainer, nutritional advisor, clinical weight loss practitioner, hypnotherapist and corporate trainer with a passion to help others gain better physical, mental and spiritual wellness through proven scientific methods.

His mission is to empower others to have greater confidence and ease as they navigate their way through every day stresses by helping recognize their strengths. By blending diverse experience and education, you'll be in the hands of a fresh perspective for all your life's challenges.

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"Transcending helped change my mind & body for the better..."
Working with Dr. Bill is awesome! It took me a long time to find a personal trainer that I was comfortable with, with Doc I was comfortable immediately. His knowledge of the human body is outstanding. He works you out without the intimidation that some trainers bring to the table. He guides you through each exercise and works you out thoroughly without making it seem impossible. I was impressed with the changes that I started seeing in my body. I gained strength, endurance and more stability in my muscles. Couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! Chris B.