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Personal, One-on-One Life Coaching in a Safe, Comfortable Atmosphere in Royal Oak, Michigan

Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - Life_CoachingExperience a synergistic relationship with a certified life coach and tap into your full potential!

Do you find yourself great at helping others, but don’t take your own advice for yourself? Are you growing a business, but need help actually growing yourself? Stressed at your corporate job and ready for something new? Or, just wondering what's next, where do I go from here?

If there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, certified life coach Dr. Harshman has your back. Dr. Harshman isn’t just a coach. Or a strategist. Or a professional. He’s a passionate practitioner of change and result; he strives to get his clients out of their own way and infuse their lives with purpose and passion.

Dr. Harshman’s proven scientific methods cover every aspect of your life through comprehensive and on-going assessments that will guide you towards personal transformation with measurable improvement. 

Whether you’re looking to create…

  • Confidence
  • More freedom to do what you love
  • Start something new
  • Grow your business
  • Grow your relationships
  • Generate lasting happiness

Private life coaching sessions can help you take a major leap forward in your life and business!

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Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - life-coaching-and-personal-helpMove out of stress and into happiness!

Dr. Harshman has spent the last 30 years helping people better their lives, reach new levels of success and find lasting happiness. He is passionate about living authentically, feeling purposeful on a daily basis, and connecting with people in a much deeper way.

What to expect during your private life coaching session:

  • 1:1 intensive coaching sessions
  • Tools for de-stressing, relaxing, and being more present and mindful
  • Action-oriented work sessions to empower personal change
  • Motivational interviewing and mindfulness training

Dr. Harshman will structure your sessions monthly so you get the full experience you’re looking for.

You can expect each interaction to include:

Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - accountabilityAccountability:  Depending on the program package that you choose, you can elect as many interactions a month with Dr. Harshman. These regularly scheduled appointments will prompt you to get more done, take bigger actions, set bigger goals, and think bigger.

Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - expertise1Expertise: With proven scientific methods and a strong dedication for results, Dr. Harshman knows what it takes for you to set the right goals and structure your personal and professional life to achieve greater productivity.

Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - speed1Speed: Most people find that just a few sessions are nothing short of life changing with Dr. Harshman, motivating them to come back for more. He’ll help quickly expand your thinking and turn your everyday stresses into opportunities.

Life Coaching Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - recovery-coachPrivate & strength-based recovery coaching in our Royal Oak facility 

Don't struggle through your recovery alone.

Transcending Horizons offers personalized recovery coaching sessions conducted by Certified Peer-Recovery Coach, Dr. Bill Harshman, that are targeted towards the development and maintenance of sustained recovery from an addictive-lifestyle.

Through the recovery coaching process, we will help you stay motivated and focused on your long-term recovery. Dr. Harshman's approach will help you reduce your chances of relapse and keep you on the road of sobriety with private and on-going support.

Create a life that feels good as soon as today!

Whether you’re looking to create confidence, more freedom to do what you love, start something new, grow your business or generate lasting happiness, contact Dr. Harshman today.